written test paper

This is what you might get at the test paper:
  • listening comprehension
  • reading comprehension

  • Introducing people:
    • dialogue with the phrases from the topic
  • Getting to know one another:
    • small talk: ask/answer questions (use present and past tense correctly)
  • Moodle:
    • tell a colleague how you can use Moodle to practise English and get the information which you need for the course
  • Jobs and responsibilities:
    • describe your job routines (using present tense simple and adverbs of frequency)
    • describe your company
    • describe an organigram which you get at the test
  • Asking for and giving instructions
    • describe how to use a simple device (use the phrases which we practised; you might get a picture or a process diagram for that)
    • ask for and tell the way (use the phrases which we practised; I might add a map for that)
  • Presenting
    • give information about: How to prepare and how to give a good presentation
    • give feedback to your team
    • give feedback to another team (you can choose which)
You will first get the listening and reading tasks, when I have collected them you can use a paper dictionary. You are not allowed to use technical devices and you will have to hand in your mobile phones at the beginning of the test.

Points and grades:
50 pts maximum
Please remember that in the end the points are more important than the grade!