This is how you calculate your grade at the end of the semester:

Percent (grades list) Grade in the report English grade name
89-100 Sehr gut A
76-88 Gut B
63-75 Befriedigend C
50-62 Genügend P (= pass)
00-49 Nicht genügend F (= fail)

You will always find your grades in Moodle

There will be one written test paper/ semester (56points)
and one task repetition every week.

This task repetition can have different forms:
vocabulary test,
grammer review,
information review (at the beginning or at the end of the lessons), etc.
You will get a maximum of 6 points for these repetitions.

Presentations and discussions will be graded with a maximum of 12 points.

In the end all points will be added up and we will calculate the grades.
For a positive grade you need more than 50% of all the points.

If you missed the test paper, there will be a second date, the latest possibility is two weeks after the regular date.
if you missed a repetition you can do an exam about this topic to get the points (also only possible in the first two weeks after the exam.)

Information about the tests and repetitions will be given in the week before and then posted in Moodle.
The last day for taking exams which you missed is two weeks after the class took the exam.

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