Do the following tasks:

  1. Moodlequest and Assignment:
    Find your way around Moodle:
    Download the file 'Moodlequest-Q&A', label it: familyname_moodlequest, fill it in, and upload it into the assignment 'Moodlequest-assignment'
  2. Edit your profile (the description must be in English and about 25 words long, post a photo)If you have no online photo, you can take the one which I put into the file: Photos 22092011 (topic 0)
  3. Go to topic 2 and open the forum: Getting to know one another. Follow the instructions there.

  4. Go to the resource ‘Conversation practise for introducing people’ and read the text there.
  5. Offline: Form groups of three and practise conversation loud (send a message to everybody to tell them when you are ready for conversation practise).

Please tell me when you've finished everything. smile

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