Describe a machine (ideally from your workplace/if not, take a machine from one of the school labs)
  • dimensions
  • parts
  • how you use it/how it works
  • how something is produced with it
  • why the company has the machine
>Use pictures or invite us to see the machine at your workplace
>Describe it in a way I understand
>preteach vocabulary
>keep presentation rules

I'll teach you the passive in the meantime.

You can work on the presentation itself (last step!) in school on the 23rd and 25th of November (I won't be in then). Presentations start on the 9th of December, you also have to create a Mahara view for that.

So, please collect everything in Mahara, including a blog where you describe the development of your work. If you want me to check your presentation, don't forget to open a view for me.

Mahara view: 3pts
  • complete blog (4 entries, reflect your work - one entry after the presentation)
  • relevant vocabulary collected
  • presentation slides
Presentation slides (layout): 3pts
  • correct spelling and vocabulary
  • text rules kept
  • picture and colour rules kept
Performance at presentation: 8pts
  • language accuracy (2)
  • adapted to audience (2, everybody understood pres.)
  • information (2)
  • pronounciation and tone (2)
7/8 = 4
9/10= 3
11/12 = 2
12/13 = 1

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