This is how you calculate your grade at the end of the semester:


Percent (grades list) Grade in the report English grade name
89-100 Sehr gut A
76-88 Gut B
63-75 Befriedigend C
50-62 Genügend P (= pass)
00-49 Nicht genügend F (= fail)

You will always find your grades in Moodle

There will be one written test paper/ semester (56points)
and one task repetition every week.

This task repetition can have different forms:
vocabulary test,
grammer review,
information review (at the beginning or at the end of the lessons), etc.
You will get a maximum of 6 points for these repetitions.

Presentations, portfolio and discussions will be graded with a maximum of 12 points.

In the end all points will be added up and we will calculate the grades.
For a positive grade you need more than 50% of all the points.

If you missed the test paper, there will be a second date, if you missed a repetition you can do an exam about this topic to get the points in the next two weeks after the original exam date. You have to ask for the exam, I am not going to remind you.

Information about the tests and repetitions will be given a week before and then posted in Moodle.

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